A business interruption can be either an anticipated or unanticipated disruption of the normal operations of a company. When a business interruption loss reaches a certain level in value and/or complexity, adjusters turn to forensic accountants to clarify the financial picture and assist in evaluating a fair outcome for the insured and their insurance company.  Once it is determined the claim requires this type of expertise, it is optimal to bring in a forensic accountant to join the insurance team as early as possible to consider the financial implications within the claim.  Sage Forensic Accounting will work with both the adjuster and the insured to assess the claim, evaluate all of the business factors that will have an impact on the financial picture, and help set the direction for the ultimate resolution. 

As the damage of a business interruption increases, claims management is frequently hampered by the loss or destruction of financial and business data and records.  In these events of missing financial data, it is crucial for a forensic accountant to be brought in to identify other processes for determining a business’ financial information.  Looking at both the facts and the context of the business that has been interrupted, Sage will establish a defensible and accurate calculation of the financial impact for the adjuster and the insured.