Some like to refer to us as accounting super heroes.

We are more than just accounting for dead people, in fact, that is only part of what we do. We use our experience and technical skills to analyze complex financial issues and report the results in a way that anyone can understand them.
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Integration of accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to provide an accounting analysis.


Independent opinions on value, or diminution of value, based upon generally accepted valuation theory.


Analyses of intellectual property infringement, anti-trust violations, lost profits, and personal injury.
Articles written by Sage

Is Goodwill Transferable?

The Utah Court of Appeals recently examined the nature of goodwill in the Marroquin v. Marroquin case which expanded on the state’s jurisprudence. Sage determined that all goodwill was personal in nature and therefore, non-transferable without a non-competition agreement. At trial, the Court found Sage ’s valuation to be more credible and adopted Sage’s value for the company.

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Experienced Expert Witnesses

Derk G Rasmussen

Derk has been involved in consulting services since 1983. He has spent a considerable portion of his consulting career in the areas of business valuation, investigative accounting, damage analysis, projection and feasibility analysis and bankruptcy/liquidation consulting.

Daniel T. Rondeau

Daniel has been involved in consulting services since 2000. He has participated in engagements ranging from forensic reconstructions of company financials to investigating ponzi schemes to calculating damages for complex litigation matters as well as business valuations.