Derk Rasmussen

Of Counsel


Mr. Rasmussen has been involved in consulting services since 1983. He has spent a considerable portion of his consulting career in the areas of business valuation, investigative accounting, damage analysis, projection and feasibility analysis and bankruptcy/liquidation consulting.

Mr. Rasmussen has performed over two hundred business valuations on firms doing business in a wide variety of industries. He has also been involved with several large business projection/feasibility studies. These studies usually involve assessing the value and viability of new business ventures. Among the most noteworthy of these studies would be an engagement for Salt Lake County analyzing the viability of a new arena for the Utah Jazz. Additional studies would include analysis of new ski resort, golf course, transportation system, and resort hotel. Mr. Rasmussen has also been involved with the Utah Venture Capital conference and has assisted a wide variety of high-tech start-up companies with business plan presentations to venture capitalists. The presentations included projections of future revenue streams to allow venture capitalists to assess the potential return on investment, that could result by investing in the presenting company.

Mr. Rasmussen has also been involved in several international engagements. He has testified in a Portuguese criminal trial where there were allegations of stock fraud relating to two telecommunication companies. Mr. Rasmussen provided expert testimony to the Portuguese court on business valuation and forensic accounting issues. He also performed business valuation services on two companies that the Portuguese prosecutors claimed had little or no value.

Mr. Rasmussen has testified on many occasions on diverse matters including testimony before State Court, Federal Court, Bankruptcy Court and State, County and City Regulatory commissions and committees.

The following is a summary of Mr. Rasmussen’s business valuation, projection/feasibility study, investigative accounting, damage analysis, and bankruptcy/liquidation experience.

Business Valuations

Projections and Feasibility Studies

Forensic/Investigative Accounting


Financial Institutions

Mr. Rasmussen has provided consulting services regarding litigation and related settlements for financial institutions, including:

Economic Loss Calculation

Educational Qualifications

Mr. Rasmussen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Utah and a Master of Business Administration degree from Utah State University.

Professional Affiliations/Activities

Publications and Courses Taught

Types of Matters

I have provided professional services for a wide variety of purposes and in a wide variety of matters. This variety is because the foundational principles in forensic accounting, valuation, and economic damages can be appropriately applied in many different situations, the following attempts to broadly summarize the different types of matters I have worked on during my career:

Lost profits and unjust enrichment damages
Purchase price allocation
Forensic accounting reconstructions and tracing
Business forecasts and financial consulting
Insurance loss analysis
Wrongful termination
Wrongful death
Personal injury
Commercial free speech damages
Trade secret and non-competition damages
Valuation of private, closely held, and holding companies
Income determination for individuals
Rebuttal analyses
Shareholder disputes
Asset tracing
Fraud investigations
Business interruption and destruction analyses
Buy/sell consulting and valuation
Patent, trademark, and copyright infringement damages
Goodwill impairment testing and valuation
Economic loss analysis
Compensation studies
Due diligence
Business valuation
Intellectual property and intangible asset valuation and infringement damage analysis
Royalty, License, Rent, and Compliance Investigations
Estate and Gift Tax Valuation
Breach of Contract
Divorce Litigation
Civil Litigation
Commercial Litigation

Summary of Expert Witness Testimony

Case Name
Law Firm
AGTC v. Headwaters, Inc.
Berman Tomsic & Savage, P.C.
E. Scott Savage
ASCU v. Wolf Mountain Resorts
Kirton & McConkie
Dale Wahlquist
Ace Investors, LLC v. Margery Rubin as Trustee , et al.
Parsons Behle & Latimer
Gary E. Doctorman, Esq.
United States District Court, District of Utah, Central Division
Adams v. Dell
Durham Jones & Pinegar
J. Mark Gibb
United States Distric Court, District of Utah, Central Division
Advanced Brain Technologies v. Integrated Listening
Kirton & McConkie
Benson Hathaway, Jr.
Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc. v. Edizone LC
Berman & Savage, P.C.
E. Scott Savage
3rd Judicial District Court, Salt Lake County
Allen Hospitality v. Babilis et al.
Kruse Landa & Maycock
Steven Loosle
Bankruptcy Court, Central Utah
Andalex Resources v. D.A. Stuart Company
Richards, Brandt, Miller & Nelson
Gary L. Johnson
Anderson v. Anderson
Greg S. Erickson Attorney at Law
Greg S. Erickson
2nd Judicial District Court, Davis County
Astle v. Astle
Attorney at Law
Robert A. Echard
2nd Judicial District Court, Davis County